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Preschool basketball is in full swing!

In the first three weeks of preschool basketball, the players have been practicing the fundamentals of the game.  They’ve learned three passes: chest pass, bounce pass and (their favorite) overhead pass.  We’ve developed the scariest Defense Monsters in Washtenaw County and the players are getting very good and staying on their man.  Even their shooting is coming along thanks to great coaches and little kid-sized basketballs and rims.   

As the program progresses, the players have opportunities to put these skills together.  Dribbling games progress into dribble-pass-shoot games.  Defense games get faster and more complex to challenge players.  The players are even up to one-on-one and two-on-two mini games.  That’s “real basketball” if you ask them.  Our goal by week five is for the kids to enjoy a fun “game” where they can put all their skills to the test.

The revamped Rec & Ed preschool basketball program is part of our totally redesigned preschool sport curriculum.  You can look forward to all new parent & child T-Ball Prep and Flag Football Prep in the Spring.  Additionally, you can catch preschool basketball and several other great preschool sport programs in the summer.