Content Specific Spreadsheets

Content-specific spreadsheets have been developed.  The overall goal for the development of these spreadsheets is to support teachers with an option that will reduce the time need to perform repetitive calculations, improve consistency, and maintain a high degree of accuracy as they determine the percentage of students (district-level and the bottom 30) who have met or exceeded pre-determined growth targets. 
The content-specific spreadsheets will auto-calculate the percentage of students at the district level and in the bottom 30 who met or exceeded growth targets based on predetermined growth measures.  Instructions are included that will guide teachers through the process of using these spreadsheets.  Additionally, there are three pages teachers will use to type in or copy/paste in information.  They include a “Summary” page, a “District SLO” page and a “Bottom 30 SLO” page.  Each sheet can be printed as PDF files and uploaded to STAGES as evidence for the teacher evaluation process. 
These spreadsheets are completely optional---not mandated in any way. They were developed by a member of the Evaluation Advisory to support the process. If a teacher is currently using a different method to collect and share summary growth measures, that is completely permissible.