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Ann Arbor Public Schools

Proctored Testing Requirements


All midterm exams and final exams MUST be proctored. If your class does not have a midterm exam or final exam, your instructor and you may decide on the unit tests that will be proctored.

At least one test from your class must be proctored by the midpoint point of the course. 

Students are required to attend 2 of these sessions as part of your online class, one before the midpoint and then one before the end of the course.  If you do not attend 2 of these sessions you will not receive a grade for your class. 

You may attend any session at any of the schools. Please bring your school ID with you and check in to the Main Office if you are a visitor at that school. 

When you enter the classroom, you will show your ID, sign in and then go to a computer and log into your class. You do not need to sign up or tell us which day you will be attending.

Please note that you may not miss a class to attend a proctored test session. 

Proctors will record the computer and the time the session began for each student.   At the end of the proctoring session, the computer history will be reviewed.  Any history that was erased will be treated the same as a history which shows students veered off the testing site.  Both cases will result in the student receiving a zero.  

Proctoring is available for all students weekly at Community High School in the Media Center on Tuesday Nights from 4:30pm-7pm.  

Proctoring Sessions for Semester 1 and Trimester 2 
All fifth grade students are welcome to attend proctoring at our offices at 2555 S. State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 on Thursday mornings from 7:15am - 9:15 am. 
Middle School and High School students should have a mid-point proctoring session no later than the first week of November to be on pace to complete the course.  Trimester students should have their mid-point proctoring session no later that October 21 to be on pace to complete the course. 

PROCTORING IN HIGH SCHOOL BUILDINGS: (during all school hours- students should attend during their open period)

January 19th    AA Open  -  see Ms. Schaffer for location

January 20th    Pioneer -  C231

January 20th    Huron  -  Principals Conference Room

January 20th    Skyline  -  Media Center

Replacement days and times for all students:

Thursday, January 19, 2017 - NO HELP SESSION - ONLY PROCTORING
Balas:  7:15-9:00 am (Grade 5 students only)
Forsythe, Room 324, 3-6 pm (Students taking a common assessment, or who require extra time, need to sign in by 4:30 pm, all others need to sign in by 5:00 pm)
Clague, Media Center, 3-7 pm. (last time to sign in for all students is 5:30 pm)
Community, during school hours, by appointment