2017 Sinking Fund Millage Proposal


    Sinking Fund is the millage levied in Michigan to support the repair and construction of school buildings.  Sinking Fund dollars protect critical General Fund dollars that must be preserved for instruction, programs, salaries and other essential district operating costs. Under state law, sinking fund proceeds may not be used to pay teacher or administrator salaries.

    The Board of Education has voted to place an increase to the AAPS Sinking Fund Millage on the May 2, 2017 ballot in order to meet district facility/physical property needs in three critical areas:

    • Repair, improvement and replacement of infrastructure district-wide.
    • Expansion/construction of facilities to meet increased enrollment due to housing growth demands in strategic areas of Ann Arbor, as well as providing a location for A2Virtual Academy.
    • Continue progress to address the additional 2015 Bond Advisory Committee recommendations identified as necessary improvements in the areas of classroom environment, elementary playgrounds, auditoriums/performance facilities, and athletic/outdoor learning facilities.

    2017 Sinking Fund Millage Community Information Meetings