A2 Virtual+ Academy

Ann Arbor Public Schools

 6th Grade Online Math for 5th Graders 

A2 Virtual+ is excited to be able to offer 5th grade students access to an online Math 6 course in place of their 5th grade math course.  The requirements of the this opportunity are explained in the slides and are explained below in the criteria for acceptance section. 



Criteria for acceptance into 6th Grade Online Math for 5th Graders

A student must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Complete Online Learner Readiness Rubric and return with Application https://micourses.org/resources/pdf/toolkit/Interactive_OnlineLearningReadinessRubric.pdf

  • Reading level (925 lexile) (level S - text on 4th grade report card in Spring 2016)

  • NWEA Spring Math Score will need to be within the top 10% of Ann Arbor Public School 4th grade students in the spring of current year.  (As a comparison: the top 10% students in 4th graders for Math during Spring 2015 had a NWEA score of 243 or better.  We found that students who fall outside the top 10% are not as successful.  This score is a strong indicator.)   A review is also made of the student’s NWEA in 2nd and 3rd grade to see the pattern of scoring holds true.

  • M-Step scores in math need to be high.

  • Student report card must not have any “B” marks for grade 4 Math, nor any “D” marks after the first marking period.

  • Social maturity and ability to work independently are critical.  This will be looked at as reported by instructor on the 4th grade report card.

  • Proof of other extended math activities that the student participated in either at school or outside of the school day.

  • Current math teacher and principal may be contacted to determine if there are reasons that an application should not be accepted.