2012 Technology Bond logo2012 Technology Bond Program

On May 8, 2012 voters in the Ann Arbor Public Schools District overwhelmingly approved a bond issue to replace aging district technology and provide technology to support its Strategic Plan for 21st Century Learning. The program supports the Plan for the next 10 years by issuing the bonds through three separate series.

Series 1:     $27,275,000 beginning in 2012

Series 2:     $10,570,000 beginning in 2015

Series 3:     $8,010,000 beginning in 2018

Total:          $45,855,000

The bond will provide new computers and student devices, improved wireless capability, renovations to schools to sustain the new technology, and faster internet delivery.

Tech Bond Updates      

May 2015 (230kb pdf)

May 2014 (170kb pdf)

February 2014 (155kb pdf)

May 2013 (600kb pdf)

March 2013 (330kb pdf)

January 2013 (160kb pdf)

November 2012 (350kb pdf)

October 2012 (350kb pdf)

July 2012 (255kb pdf)


How does the Technology Bond Program relate to the District Strategic Plan?

AAPS 2009-2012 Technology Plan (1.6mb pdf)

Major features of the technology bond program and their costs

This is a 10-year technology program. Use of the bond proceeds has been prioritized through 3 series of bonds. The majority of the infrastructure is expected to be complete with the first series along with the first wave of replacement computers. The second series primarily includes equipment replacement, while the third series includes a mix of equipment and infrastructure replacements.

The district is highly aware that technology is ever changing. This bond allows for flexibility to make adjustments in equipment purchases in phases 2 and 3 to reflect the latest technology available for the classroom.

Equipmet (Budget)

  Series 1 Series 2 Series 3

School Student Computers: Laptops, Desktops & Additional Handheld Devices

$7.85 million

$9.35 million

$6.95 million

Teacher & Administrative Computers

$2.126 million

District Switch Replacement & 10 Gig Backbone

$1.966 million

District Server Replacement

$0.5 million

C.T.E. - Career and Technology Education
Career and Tech Lab computer replacement at the middle school and high school levels

$0.15 million

$0.17 million
$0.17 million

S.I.S.S. - Student Intervention and Support Services
Assistive technologies to provide better educational resources (e.g. Smart Boards)

$0.175 million

$0.04 million
$0.03 million

Administrative Software
Replacing 1998 DOS based accounting and Human Resources software & VoIP telephone upgrades

$0.5 million


Classroom Technologies
Soundfields, Printers, Mounted Projectors, Hardwire Data Access

$3.886 million

$0.4 million
$0.4 million

Distribution district-wide of video instructional media

$0.3 million


Infrastructure (Budget)

Redesign of the wireless delivery to create two independent wireless networks

$3.423 million

- -

Server Rooms
Clean, cool rooms to store and protect the servers

$3.47 million

- -
10 Gig Backbone $0.85 million    

Contingency and Bond cost

$0.85 million


Project Management

$1.68 million

$0.6 million $0.46 million
Totals:  $27.27 million $10.57 million $8.01 million