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  • School Nurse Appreciation Day

    Posted by Jeanice Swift at 5/11/2016

    Please join me in thanking our School Nurses and recognizing their commitment and dedication to children on National School Nurse Day, Wednesday, May 11, 2016.

    School Nurses advance the well-being, academic success, and life long achievements of all our children by providing a critical safety net that links health and learning. Children today face more complex and life-threatening health challenges and our School Nurses provide for their health needs safely while in the school setting.

    We know that healthy children learn and achieve better and our School Nurses provide a critical connection, helping to remove the barriers to academic success for our students. School Nurses, through their dedication and commitment to the health and well being of our children, meet the needs of students by improving the effective delivery of health care in our schools on a daily basis. School Nurses bring to us the nursing skills that help manage potentially emergent situations as well as providing daily care in schools for students with chronic health issues and medically complex conditions. The role of a School Nurse is vital in promoting wellness and ensuring healthy futures for all of our children.

    Our Ann Arbor School Nurses act as a liaison to school teams, to parents, and to health care providers on behalf of children's health issues all year long.  These caring individuals support the health and educational success of our children by developing programs and providing leadership in health related fields to enable our children to reach their full potential.

    National School Nurse Day is a wonderful opportunity to thank these caregivers for minimizing health-related barriers to student success.

    Thank you to all of our School Nurses for all that you do for children and their families, each and every day.


    Jeanice K. Swift

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  • Thank You Ann Arbor Voters!

    Posted by Jeanice Swift at 5/4/2016

    Hello AAPS Community,

    Thank you for your strong vote of confidence for our Ann Arbor Public Schools in approving the 2016 Special Education Millage yesterday.

    All the funds raised from the millage must and will be used to provide special education services and support. This vote will have a sustained impact because the funds are controlled locally and aren't affected by changes from lawmakers in Lansing. Our current and future students will benefit tremendously from the outcome of this affirmative vote.

    We are proud to live in a community that values a quality public education for all students and we will continue the work every day to ensure quality public schools, programs, and services across the district. Thank you for your commitment to our shared, positive future in Ann Arbor.

    We are grateful for supporters of public education that came together in this effort. Thanks to our parents, teachers and staff who worked diligently, and we also appreciate our many business and non-profit partners who provided their endorsement and support as well. This positive outcome represents a true cross-community effort.

    Again, thank you for this affirmative vote in support of our children, staff, and the Ann Arbor Public Schools.


    Jeanice K. Swift

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  • National Teacher Appreciation Week

    Posted by Jeanice Swift at 5/2/2016

    Over this week, our staff, students, parents, leaders and community will recognize and celebrate our AAPS Teachers during this National Teacher Appreciation week.

    I hope that you can take a few minutes to view this 2016 AAPS Teacher Appreciation video that we have created to honor our incredible teachers.

    Also, we want to highlight our Exceptional Teachers series, located on our AAPS News site, where you can view feature articles about our teachers that we have shared over the previous year. We have been working to develop this exciting feature that celebrates and shares the stories of our exceptional teachers year-round, as well as during this special week in May.

    Today, I want to add my voice in appreciation of our extraordinary teachers. Thank you, AAPS teachers, for your hard work and dedication in support of our students as well as for the positive and profound difference you make in the lives of our children.

    Please join me in honoring and thanking our teachers for all that they do every day on behalf of our students.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to remind all Washtenaw County voters that tomorrow, Tuesday, May 3, is an Election Day and voters will have the chance to vote on an increase in the Special Education Millage. The 1.5 mil increase will help districts across the county, including the Ann Arbor Public Schools, pay for mandatory special education services that are currently being paid from the district’s general fund. The special education funds would directly benefit special education students while allowing the general fund dollars that were formerly used to pay for special education services to be utilized for general education programs. Click here for more information about the special education millage.

    Thank you all for your support of our students, our families and our community.


    Jeanice K. Swift

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  • Special Education Millage Proposal May 3rd

    Posted by Jeanice Swift at 5/1/2016

    This coming Tuesday, May 3rd, we have a wonderful opportunity to come together as a community to vote on a Special Education Millage Proposal that will strengthen the Ann Arbor Public Schools. 

    This vote presents a rare opportunity to exercise our own local control, and to generate funds that will remain right here, within our area, directly benefitting our own children, schools, and community.

    Full information on this proposal is posted at a2schools.org and here is a link to a brief informational video message.

    Strong communities consistently engage in supporting and ensuring quality public schools and we are most grateful for the long tradition of support from our Ann Arbor Public Schools community. 

    I know that we are proud of our amazing students, our wonderful staff, schools, and quality programs, and we understand they are a direct reflection of our vibrant and successful Ann Arbor community.

    Thank you for your support of the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

    Please join me on Tuesday, May 3rd in voting YES in support of our children.


    Jeanice K Swift

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  • Celebrating Administrative Professionals

    Posted by Jeanice Swift at 4/27/2016

    I hope that you are well on this April Wednesday. Today, April 27, we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day.  

    Please join me in recognizing and thanking our Office Professionals for their valuable contributions to our AAPS team.

    The Ann Arbor Public Schools Office Professionals are valuable members of our educational family, contributing a great deal to our district with their dedication and conscientious service to our school community.  They, as a group, provide a strong foundation for the smooth operation of our offices and schools. 

    Our Office Professionals have the challenging task of being our front of the house public relations ambassadors as well as the behind-the-scenes support for completing the numerous daily tasks that are crucial to a well functioning organization. 

    Their wealth of knowledge, keen awareness of procedure, and the 'extra step' our OPs take to show care in the workplace ensures that our offices and buildings operate efficiently; they make all the difference between chaos and calm during the daily 'emergencies' of school life. They are often the first individuals that our visitors see when arriving at our campuses and it is their smile and warmth that ensure all feel welcomed and supported when visiting the AAPS.   

    Please join me in recognizing the vital role our Office Professionals play in our district and in extending appreciation to them, not just on this day -- but throughout the year.

    Thank you, Ann Arbor Public Schools Office Professionals, for all you do, every day, for our students, their families, your colleagues and our community; you are tremendously appreciated.


    Best wishes,

    Jeanice Swift

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